GCSE Examination Results 2018

Our students and staff have worked very hard to prepare for the most difficult exam season in recent times. The class of 2018 have returned excellent results and can look forward to continuing on to their next stage of education or training.

The average number of exam subjects sat by Alderbrook students is 10 GCSEs. English Literature is sat in Year 10 to help reduce student stress and workload for Year 11. This exam season 2,180 exams were sat, and 75% of these exams were passed (Grade 4/C or above). Students and staff should be very proud that their efforts and their hard work has paid off so handsomely in this most difficult year. More information, including progress made, will be published when this becomes available to schools. Many of our students have overcome personal challenges to gain their results, whether these are Grade 1s or Grade 9s, all students have worked exceptionally hard, laying strong foundations for their next steps in education.

Most subjects are now on the new number system. Grade 9 is now the highest grade that can be attained. Ofqual issue guidelines for exam boards to ensure that only an elite few percent of the highest achievers in the country obtain this grade in each subject. Therefore it is especially pleasing to report that at Alderbrook 37 students have been awarded these exceptional Grade 9s. Many students gaining multiple Grade 9s, what an achievement! Special mention goes to Lucy Atkinson, Rebekah Brandsatter and Zoe Mason who each attained seven Grade 9s. Anand Vadukul attained six Grade 9s. Ellie Cox and Owen Greig gained five Grade 9s and Anne Beer, Steph Gordon and Adam Terrett all gained four 9s. Other students with multiple Grade 9s include Daniel Maidment, Eloise Cheung, Callum Devereux, Eathan Downes, Daniel Harrison, Gurvinder Johal, Aliabbas Moledina, Alice Sherrington, Roshan Singh and Hannah Wilmot. Many of those students are proudly featured in the image carousel. The majority of our highest attaining students have chosen to join Alderbrook sixth form for their A levels and we are delighted to welcome them. Please see our sixth form page for the excellent A level results for this year.

In 2018 Schools are being compared differently to in previous years. The number of students passing both English and Maths is the National Benchmark. It is very pleasing to see our pass rate continues to improve for this measure compared to last year. At Alderbrook 78% of students gained passes (Grade 4s) in both English and Maths, and 55% of students gained strong passes (Grade 5s) in English and Maths.

Individually and together these subjects have performed exceptionally well. Please see the table below for the Headline Benchmark figures. As for several preceding years at Alderbrook, the progress measure for Maths looks to be returned as exceptional. However, schools will not have this progress information released to them for a number of weeks.


benchmark results

Alderbrook School is very proud of each and every one of our students and we wish them all the best for a happy, fulfilled and bright future as they embark on their post-16 studies.