The Life Ready Programme

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Alderbrook and the Gatsby Benchmarks

Whilst undertaking studies at Alderbrook School, students can be assured of receiving a wide range of experiences, support and guidance to help them make decisions about their future.  This starts in Year 7, and supports students through to leaving us in Year 11 or Year 13 after their Sixth Form years.

Alderbrook has collaborated in the design of the Life Ready Programme (Solihull) which provides a framework designed to develop independent, life ready young adults.  The programme is based on evidence from the Gatsby Foundation and the Confederation of British Industry.

The shared vision of the Life Ready Solihull Programme is that ‘students leaving Alderbrook will have the skills, knowledge and dynamism to reach their full career potential, to meet the needs of employers and to contribute to the economic growth of the borough’.

Year 7 students will have lessons on their timetable called ‘Aspire’, which aims to provide students with the opportunity to understand what employability skills are and how they can develop them in school.  They will be encouraged to take part in a Life Ready Award, using a passport to gather evidence of these skills in action.

Year 8 students will have independent advice and guidance about their futures through discussion and assemblies.  Life Ready days will enable them to reflect on their employability skills and work on projects with local employers. Students will prepare for their option choices for Key Stage 4 examination study.

Year 9 students Students will have a Personal and Social Education lesson once a fortnight where they will develop their Professional Profile.  Life Ready days will enable them to think about their pathways and work in more detail with employers to experience solving real business problems.

Year 10 students will have abundant opportunities to work with local employers, considering a wide range of career pathways taken by local companies, parents, teachers and ex-students.

 Year 11 students will focus on their examinations, and will have the opportunity for careers advice meetings with one of our independent advisers.

Year 12 and 13 students will have the opportunity to visit universities, participate in work experience, and work with various employers and motivational speakers to support their post 6th Form choices.  They will have careers advice and will be supported to make the right decisions for them.

All students will log their employability skill development, leading to the production of personal statements and a professional c.v.