Department Overview

Media Studies is an exceptionally creative and innovative subject. As the subject is no longer taken as an option the English department teaches it within their own classrooms. There are 12 teachers in all; with both the knowledge and proficiency to help pupils gain an extra GCSE, which they would have otherwise not achieved. As a department we have access to computer facilities that can enable pupils to manipulate technology; learning how we see the real world through the eyes of media institutions, e-media and computer technology.


Key Stage 3

N/A Media Studies is only taught from years 9-11.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 pupils are taught AQA Single Award Media Studies within their English, set, groups for continuity and differentiation purposes. When they reach year 9 they will begin their Media Studies coursework (Unit 2), which is broken into 3 separate assignments. The assignment topics may change depending on ability group, and exam board specification, however, currently pupils will study these set topic areas:

*Assignment 1 – DVD analysis and creation   (15 mark weighting)

*Assignment 2 – Advertising and Marketing   (30 mark weighting)

*Assignment 3 – Magazine Production Processes  (45 mark weighting)

The coursework element of Media Studies has a weighting of 60%.

When students reach year 10 they will spend a term focusing on their examination (Unit 1), which is worth 40% of their overall grade. Pupils will have 1 hour 30 minutes to answer 4 set questions on the set topic for their year. The 2015 topic is TV News, and the topic changes every year in line with AQA specifications.


Career Options

Media Studies at GCSE allows for an extensive amount of career opportunities. Many pupils can go onto directly relatable jobs such as: Programme research film/video/broadcasting, public relations and production. Or they go onto Apprenticeship and University courses which can relate to jobs in: Advertising/ marketing, journalism, information officer, civil service and broadcasting.


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