Healthy Schools

For the last 2 years the school has been working towards achieving this status. Our ‘Priority’ was ‘Personal Wellbeing’ We are delighted to announce that the school was successfully awarded ‘Enhanced Healthy School’ status in July 2013 Here is a summary of the key outcomes:



Increase the number of year 8 girls who report enjoying physical activity a lot from 30% to 50% A pupil questionnaire indicates that 60% of year 8 girls report enjoying physical activity. A massive congratulations to the PE Faculty!
Decrease the percentage of year 9 pupils reporting that they would like to lose weight from 54% to 23%. In hindsight this was an extremely demanding target. That said, we have had some success. A pupil questionnaire indicates that 49.5% of Year 9 pupils report wanting to lose weight. However, when questioned further, 64% of these pupils stated that the reason for weight loss was to have a healthier Body Mass index. This suggests that 36% of the pupils want to lose weight for less healthy reasons.
Decrease the number of year 10 girls worrying about the way they look from 54% to 34% The number of Year 10 girls who report worrying a lot about the way they look has risen to 72%. This was also reported as being a national upward trend in the 2012 HRBQ (Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire). Nevertheless, thanks to pupil questionnaires and other feedback we now have a much greater understanding of the underlying reasons. We are going to address these in a variety of ways in the next academic year; including assemblies, units of work in PSD and initiatives such as the Children in Need ‘Go BearFaced’ day and ‘National Healthy Eating Week’.

As a Healthy School we would like to inform parents of a link given to us by Childrens Services, Solihull MBC. This link provides parents with information on how to talk to children about alcohol.

National Healthy Eating Week – 2013

We strongly believe that a balanced diet and a healthy approach to food are key in tackling the issue of unhealthy attitudes towards weight control and body image. Furthermore, in the new body image unit of work in year 10 it was noted by several members of staff that a significant number of pupils were skipping breakfast. This linked in beautifully with the ‘not skipping breakfast’ strand of National Healthy Eating week. In collaboration with the Head of Food Technology and the School canteen we ran two competitions to get both staff and pupils involved in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Pupils designed posters which take one of the 8 healthy eating tips and provide focussed advice. The winning 4 entries plus 5 other designs were made into A2 posters and displayed in the school canteen. An assembly launched Healthy Eating week and staff and pupils were asked to make a pledge to work on at least one of the tips. Every form was asked to suggest a ‘healthy option’ to go on the school menu for National Healthy Eating week and a range of ‘Tasting Events’ were organised.


Healthy Schools Co-ordinator with Unit Catering Manager, Head of Food Technology, Head of Technology Faculty


The main positives

  • It is clear from the feedback that many pupils tried the Healthy options and enjoyed them.
  • The pupils really liked the fact that they had been consulted and they could see how their suggestions had been acted upon.
  • A particular favourite was the Quorn recipe sampling – the pupils would like more ‘Tasting Events’.
  • Some pupils saw the posters as an effective way of giving advice and thought they were ‘very eye catching’.


Possible areas for improvement/development

  • It has been noted that the pupil options ran out quite quickly – many pupils were disappointed as they had not had the chance to try them.
  • The poster competition received mixed reviews and the pupils wanted to see more posters around the school