Since being awarded ‘Enhanced Healthy School’ status in July 2013, we have continued to maintain and strive further to improve our standards. In 2016, the result from our HRBQ (Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire) highlighted the following key issues:


The main positives:

  • It is clear from the feedback that many pupils feel teachers listen to them (52% compared to 41% in 2014)
  • The pupils are happy that been told how to stay safe while chatting online (96%)
  • 82% of pupils say that have not been bullied in the past 12 months.


Possible areas for improvement/development:

  • 76% of pupils responded that they worry about at least one of the issues listed in the HRBQ as ‘quite a lot’ or ‘a lot’
  • 15% of pupils had a mid-low self esteem score


As a Healthy School we would like to inform parents with links that will provide you and your child with further guidance and information surrounding key concepts in regards to healthy schools.