The school has worked in partnership with its caterers, Solihull Catering Service, to provide a cashless system to pay for meals, snacks and drinks from the cafeteria, provided in the dining area.

The essence of the system is that each child has his or her thumb or finger scanned and this then provides a unique way of identifying the pupil to the finance system. When they scan their finger, this provides access to a computer account that can have funds credited by use of parentpay. Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals use exactly the same system but the re-valuing is done centrally by the Meals Service, although pupils can top up the account if they wish to purchase above the free meal value.

Parents receive individual letters for each child giving information about Parentpay, together with Username and Password with details of how to log on. For those parents who do not wish to pay on line have the option to pay via Paypoint.

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Protection of Biometric Information of Children in Schools