The first School Council met in November 1991. This forum gives the pupils a voice in the organisation and running of their school. Pupils gain first-hand experience of the democratic process at work, the responsibility entailed and the need to be tolerant and respect the views of others.

Meetings take place once each term and are chaired by the Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies. They are joined by a representative from each form and two teacher representatives – the Head Teacher and Mr Johnson – to form the full Council. All representatives wear a green School Council badge.

Full Council has approved a constitution drawn up by senior pupils. Before a meeting, all pupils in the school are invited to put forward items for the agenda which have been discussed in the College councils, via the class councils. The Head Pupils under the guidance of Mr Johnson draw this up.

For the College councils it is the form representatives’ responsibility to briefly report back to their class after each meeting during pastoral time. Time is allocated before each Council meeting to discuss, at length, issues and recommendations from the last meeting.