School Calendar

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School Calendar 2019-20

Start Date Week Time Description
Sunday 01-Sep-19
Monday 02-Sep-19 Week 1 INSET day
Tuesday 03-Sep-19 INSET day
Wednesday 04-Sep-19 Year 7-12 first day back
Wednesday 04-Sep-19 6.30-7.30 Year 12 Parents’ Induction Evening
Thursday 05-Sep-19 Year 13 first day back
Thursday 05-Sep-19 3.05pm-8pm Year 11 Careers Evening
Friday 06-Sep-19
Saturday 07-Sep-19
Sunday 08-Sep-19
Monday 09-Sep-19 Week 2
Tuesday 10-Sep-19
Wednesday 11-Sep-19
Thursday 12-Sep-19
Thursday 12-Sep-19 7pm Year 13 Prize Giving
Friday 13-Sep-19
Saturday 14-Sep-19
Sunday 15-Sep-19
Monday 16-Sep-19 Week 1 6.30-9pm Open Evening – Early Closure 2pm
Monday 16-Sep-19 Y7, 10, 13 & External Y12 Photographs
Monday 16-Sep-19
Tuesday 17-Sep-19 9am & 11.30am Open Day Tours
Wednesday 18-Sep-19 6pm Learning Support Parents Evening – Coping with transition
Thursday 19-Sep-19
Friday 20-Sep-19 8.30am-5.30pm Technical Award Dance Exam
Friday 20-Sep-19 Year 12 PGL Team Building
Saturday 21-Sep-19 Year 12 PGL Team Building
Sunday 22-Sep-19 Year 12 PGL Team Building
Monday 23-Sep-19 Week 2
Tuesday 24-Sep-19 8.30am-4.30pm Year 10 Geography Trip 
Wednesday 25-Sep-19 8.30am-4.30pm Year 10 Geography Trip 
Thursday 26-Sep-19 5.30-7pm Year 7 Information Evening
Thursday 26-Sep-19 5.30-7pm Alderbrook Community Meeting
Thursday 26-Sep-19 Blackwell Adventure – Year 7
Friday 27-Sep-19
Friday 27-Sep-19
Saturday 28-Sep-19
Sunday 29-Sep-19
Monday 30-Sep-19 Week 1
Tuesday 01-Oct-19
Wednesday 02-Oct-19
Thursday 03-Oct-19 6-9pm Year 10 Information
Friday 04-Oct-19
Saturday 05-Oct-19
Sunday 06-Oct-19
Monday 07-Oct-19 Week 2 3.30-6.30pm Year 12 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Monday 07-Oct-19
Tuesday 08-Oct-19
Wednesday 09-Oct-19 Alderbrook Careers Convention
Wednesday 09-Oct-19 6.30pm-9pm Prevent Online Grooming: Keeping your family safe
Wednesday 09-Oct-19
Thursday 10-Oct-19
Friday 11-Oct-19
Saturday 12-Oct-19
Sunday 13-Oct-19 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 14-Oct-19 Week 1
Tuesday 15-Oct-19
Wednesday 16-Oct-19
Thursday 17-Oct-19 6pm-9pm Year 11 Information Evening
Friday 18-Oct-19
Saturday 19-Oct-19
Sunday 20-Oct-19
Monday 21-Oct-19 Week 2 KS3 Performance Evening
Monday 21-Oct-19
Tuesday 22-Oct-19 Year 12 and 13 Intervention Evening
Wednesday 23-Oct-19
Thursday 24-Oct-19 Key Stage 4 Presentation Evening
Friday 25-Oct-19
Friday 25-Oct-19 INSET day
Saturday 26-Oct-19
Sunday 27-Oct-19
Monday 28-Oct-19
Tuesday 29-Oct-19
Wednesday 30-Oct-19
Thursday 31-Oct-19
Friday 01-Nov-19
Saturday 02-Nov-19
Sunday 03-Nov-19
Monday 04-Nov-19 Week 1
Wednesday 06-Nov-19
Wednesday 06-Nov-19
Thursday 07-Nov-19 Life Ready Day (1)
Friday 08-Nov-19
Saturday 09-Nov-19
Sunday 10-Nov-19 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 11-Nov-19 Week 2 5:30-7:00pm Year 7 Settling into Alderbrook Evening
Monday 11-Nov-19
Monday 11-Nov-19
Tuesday 12-Nov-19 tbc Dance Trip 
Wednesday 13-Nov-19
Thursday 14-Nov-19 6.30-9pm Sixth Form Open Evening
Friday 15-Nov-19
Saturday 16-Nov-19
Sunday 17-Nov-19
Monday 18-Nov-19 Week 1
Monday 18-Nov-19 3.30pm-5.30pm Exam Certificate Collection
Monday 18-Nov-19
Tuesday 19-Nov-19
Wednesday 20-Nov-19 4pm-9pm Winter Wonderland Production
Wednesday 20-Nov-19
Thursday 21-Nov-19
Friday 22-Nov-19
Saturday 23-Nov-19
Sunday 24-Nov-19
Monday 25-Nov-19 Week 2 Year 11 Mocks x2 Weeks
Monday 25-Nov-19
Tuesday 26-Nov-19
Wednesday 27-Nov-19
Thursday 28-Nov-19 Year 9 Drama Showcase
Friday 29-Nov-19
Saturday 30-Nov-19
Sunday 01-Dec-19
Monday 02-Dec-19 Week 1 All day Year 12 Geography Trip to RGS
Monday 02-Dec-19
Tuesday 03-Dec-19
Wednesday 04-Dec-19
Thursday 05-Dec-19
Friday 06-Dec-19 Year 11 Mocks End
Friday 06-Dec-19
Saturday 07-Dec-19
Sunday 08-Dec-19 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 09-Dec-19 Week 2 
Tuesday 10-Dec-19 3.30-6.30pm Year 13 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Tuesday 10-Dec-19
Wednesday 11-Dec-19 Sixth Form Christmas Lunch and Quiz
Thursday 12-Dec-19
Friday 13-Dec-19
Saturday 14-Dec-19
Sunday 15-Dec-19
Monday 16-Dec-19 Week 1 All day School Production – Hairspray
Monday 16-Dec-19
Tuesday 17-Dec-19 All day School Production – Hairspray
Wednesday 18-Dec-19 All day School Production – Hairspray
Wednesday 18-Dec-19 Sixth Form Application Deadline
Thursday 19-Dec-19 All day School Production – Hairspray
Friday 20-Dec-19 End of term – 2pm Finish
Friday 20-Dec-19 All day School Production – Hairspray
Friday 20-Dec-19 7.30pm Sixth Form Black Tie Auction
Saturday 21-Dec-19
Sunday 22-Dec-19
Monday 23-Dec-19
Tuesday 24-Dec-19
Wednesday 25-Dec-19
Thursday 26-Dec-19
Friday 27-Dec-19
Saturday 28-Dec-19
Sunday 29-Dec-19
Monday 30-Dec-19
Tuesday 31-Dec-19
Wednesday 01-Jan-20
Thursday 02-Jan-20
Friday 03-Jan-20
Saturday 04-Jan-20
Sunday 05-Jan-20
Monday 06-Jan-20 Week 2 Start of Term 
Monday 06-Jan-20 Year 13 Mocks x2 Weeks
Monday 06-Jan-20
Tuesday 07-Jan-20
Wednesday 08-Jan-20
Thursday 09-Jan-20
Friday 10-Jan-20
Saturday 11-Jan-20
Sunday 12-Jan-20 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 13-Jan-20 Week 1 3.30-6.30pm Year 7 Parents’
Consultation Evening
Monday 13-Jan-20
Tuesday 14-Jan-20
Wednesday 15-Jan-20 Wave 2 Intervention Information Evening
Thursday 16-Jan-20
Friday 17-Jan-20 End of Year 13 Mocks
Saturday 18-Jan-20 tbc Year 11 Art Trip
Sunday 19-Jan-20
Monday 20-Jan-20 Week 2
Monday 20-Jan-20 2pm-5pm Splendid Productions
c/o Drama
Tuesday 21-Jan-20 Year 8 Options Evening
Wednesday 22-Jan-20
Thursday 23-Jan-20 All day Peri Music night and day Rehersals
Friday 24-Jan-20
Saturday 25-Jan-20
Sunday 26-Jan-20
Monday 27-Jan-20 Week 1
Monday 27-Jan-20
Tuesday 28-Jan-20 3.30-6.30pm Year 8 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Wednesday 29-Jan-20
Thursday 30-Jan-20
Friday 31-Jan-20
Saturday 01-Feb-20
Sunday 02-Feb-20
Monday 03-Feb-20 Week 2
Tuesday 04-Feb-20 3.30-6.30pm Year 11 Parents’
Consultation Evening
Wednesday 05-Feb-20 All day Battle of the Bands
Thursday 06-Feb-20 6pm-8pm Parental Support Meeting
Friday 07-Feb-20
Saturday 08-Feb-20
Sunday 09-Feb-20
Sunday 09-Feb-20 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 10-Feb-20 Week 1
Monday 10-Feb-20 Work Experience Window
Tuesday 11-Feb-20
Wednesday 12-Feb-20
Wednesday 12-Feb-20
Thursday 13-Feb-20
Friday 14-Feb-20 Sixth Form Cultural Tour – Rome
Saturday 15-Feb-20 Sixth Form Cultural Tour – Rome
Sunday 16-Feb-20 Sixth Form Cultural Tour – Rome
Monday 17-Feb-20 Sixth Form Cultural Tour – Rome
Tuesday 18-Feb-20
Wednesday 19-Feb-20
Thursday 20-Feb-20
Friday 21-Feb-20
Saturday 22-Feb-20
Sunday 23-Feb-20
Monday 24-Feb-20 Week 2
Tuesday 25-Feb-20
Wednesday 26-Feb-20
Thursday 27-Feb-20
Friday 28-Feb-20
Saturday 29-Feb-20
Sunday 01-Mar-20
Monday 02-Mar-20 Week 1 Food & Nutrition Exam (all week)
Monday 02-Mar-20
Monday 02-Mar-20 Year Council Meetings
this week
Tuesday 03-Mar-20
Wednesday 04-Mar-20 All day Year 12 Raising Aspirations Trip
Wednesday 04-Mar-20
Thursday 05-Mar-20 3.30-6.30pm Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Friday 06-Mar-20 All day – 4pm Year 13 Scripted Performance Exam
Saturday 07-Mar-20
Sunday 08-Mar-20 8am-2pm Table Top Sale
Monday 09-Mar-20 Week 2 All day Year 9 Double Vaccinations
Monday 09-Mar-20
Monday 09-Mar-20 School Council
Meeting this week
Tuesday 10-Mar-20 All day Year 9 Double Vaccinations
Tuesday 10-Mar-20 Dance Festival
Wednesday 11-Mar-20 Dance Festival
Thursday 12-Mar-20 Dance Festival
Thursday 12-Mar-20 7pm Year 11 GCSE Showcase – Drama Scripted Performance
Friday 13-Mar-20
Saturday 14-Mar-20
Sunday 15-Mar-20
Monday 16-Mar-20 Week 1 Year 12 Geography Trip to Nettlecombe [until 20th March]
Monday 16-Mar-20
Tuesday 17-Mar-20 3.30-6.30pm Year 10 Parents’ Consultation
Wednesday 18-Mar-20 INSET day
Wednesday 18-Mar-20
Thursday 19-Mar-20 All day Year 11 Drama Scripted Performance Exam
Friday 20-Mar-20
Saturday 21-Mar-20
Sunday 22-Mar-20
Monday 23-Mar-20 Week 2 Year 9 Internal Assessments [all week]
Monday 23-Mar-20 All day Year 7 History trip
Monday 23-Mar-20
Monday 23-Mar-20
Tuesday 24-Mar-20
Wednesday 25-Mar-20
Thursday 26-Mar-20 All day GCSE Dance Exam
Friday 27-Mar-20
Saturday 28-Mar-20
Sunday 29-Mar-20
Monday 30-Mar-20 Week 1 Year 9 Internal
Assessments [all week]
Monday 30-Mar-20
Tuesday 31-Mar-20 All day Year 7 History trip
Tuesday 31-Mar-20 Art/PH Exam
Wednesday 01-Apr-20 Art/PH Exam
Thursday 02-Apr-20 Art/PH Exam
Friday 03-Apr-20 Art/PH Exam Marking
Friday 03-Apr-20 All day Technical Award Unit 3 Dance Exam
Saturday 04-Apr-20
Sunday 05-Apr-20
Monday 06-Apr-20
Tuesday 07-Apr-20
Wednesday 08-Apr-20
Thursday 09-Apr-20
Friday 10-Apr-20
Saturday 11-Apr-20
Sunday 12-Apr-20
Monday 13-Apr-20
Tuesday 14-Apr-20
Wednesday 15-Apr-20
Thursday 16-Apr-20
Friday 17-Apr-20
Saturday 18-Apr-20
Sunday 19-Apr-20
Monday 20-Apr-20 Week 2 Start of term
Monday 20-Apr-20 Year 7 and 8 Internal assessments [all week]
Monday 20-Apr-20
Tuesday 21-Apr-20 Life Ready Day (2)
Wednesday 22-Apr-20
Thursday 23-Apr-20
Friday 24-Apr-20
Saturday 25-Apr-20
Sunday 26-Apr-20
Monday 27-Apr-20 Week 1 Year 10 Mocks x2
Monday 27-Apr-20 Year 7 and 8 Internal Assessments
Monday 27-Apr-20
Tuesday 28-Apr-20
Wednesday 29-Apr-20 All day GCSE Art Exam
Thursday 30-Apr-20 All day GCSE Art Exam
Friday 30-Apr-20 All day GCSE Art Exam Marking
Friday 01-May-20 End of Year 7 and 8 Assessments
Saturday 02-May-20
Sunday 03-May-20
Monday 04-May-20 Week 2 A-Level Art Exam & 2nd Week of Year 10 Mocks
Monday 04-May-20
Tuesday 05-May-20 All day A-Level Dance Exam
Tuesday 05-May-20 A-Level Art Exam 
Wednesday 06-May-20 A-Level Art Exam 
Thursday 06-May-20 A-Level Marking
Thursday 07-May-20 End of Year 10 Mocks
Friday 08-May-20 May Bank Holiday
Saturday 09-May-20
Sunday 10-May-20
Monday 11-May-20 Week 1 External Exams until 28 June 2020
Monday 11-May-20
Tuesday 12-May-20
Wednesday 13-May-20
Wednesday 13-May-20 Year 10 BTEC Component 2 Exam – Drama
Thursday 14-May-20
Friday 15-May-20
Saturday 16-May-20
Sunday 17-May-20
Monday 18-May-20 Week 2
Tuesday 19-May-20
Wednesday 20-May-20
Thursday 21-May-20
Friday 22-May-20
Saturday 23-May-20
Sunday 24-May-20
Monday 25-May-20
Tuesday 26-May-20
Wednesday 27-May-20
Thursday 28-May-20
Friday 29-May-20
Saturday 30-May-20
Sunday 31-May-20
Monday 01-Jun-20 Week 1
Monday 01-Jun-20 6.30-8pm Year 12 Destinations
Tuesday 02-Jun-20
Wednesday 03-Jun-20
Wednesday 03-Jun-20 All day SEND Transition Day [tbc]
Thursday 04-Jun-20
Friday 05-Jun-20
Saturday 06-Jun-20
Sunday 07-Jun-20
Monday 08-Jun-20 Week 2
Monday 08-Jun-20 Year Council Meetings this week
Tuesday 09-Jun-20 Art Exam Moderation [All week]
Wednesday 10-Jun-20
Wednesday 10-Jun-20
Thursday 11-Jun-20 New Intake Evening
Friday 12-Jun-20
Saturday 13-Jun-20
Sunday 14-Jun-20
Monday 15-Jun-20 Week 1 Year 12 Mocks for x2 weeks
Monday 15-Jun-20
Monday 15-Jun-20             School Council Meeting this week
Monday 15-Jun-20 Year 10 Geography Trip 
Tuesday 16-Jun-20
Wednesday 17-Jun-20 Year 10 Geography Trip 
Wednesday 17-Jun-20 All day Year 8 HPV Vaccinations & Year 9 Booster for girls
Thursday 18-Jun-20 All day Year 8 HPV Vaccinations & Year 9 Booster for girls
Friday 19-Jun-20 All day Year 8 HPV
Vaccinations & Year 9 Booster for girls
Saturday 20-Jun-20
Sunday 21-Jun-20
Monday 22-Jun-20 Week 2
Tuesday 23-Jun-20
Wednesday 24-Jun-20
Wednesday 24-Jun-20 3.30pm onwards Sixth Form Taster Day setting up 
Thursday 25-Jun-20 Sixth Form Taster Day
Thursday 25-Jun-20
Friday 26-Jun-20 End of Year 12 Mocks
Saturday 27-Jun-20 6pm Year 11 Prom
Sunday 28-Jun-20
Monday 29-Jun-20 Week 1 Year 12 Work
Monday 29-Jun-20
Monday 29-Jun-20 All day Year 10 History Trip
Tuesday 30-Jun-20 All day Year 10 History Trip
Wednesday 01-Jul-20 All day New Intake Day
Thursday 02-Jul-20 All day New Intake Day
Thursday 02-Jul-20 All day Catch up Vaccinations
Thursday 02-Jul-20 7-9pm KS3 Presentation Evening
Friday 03-Jul-20 Art Trip
Saturday 04-Jul-20
Sunday 05-Jul-20
Monday 06-Jul-20 Week 2
Tuesday 07-Jul-20 All day Summer Concert
Wednesday 08-Jul-20 Unmissable
Wednesday 08-Jul-20 All day Dickens Heath Production
Wednesday 08-Jul-20 Year 12 Progression
Wednesday 08-Jul-20
Thursday 09-Jul-20 6pm-9pm ABK Community Meeting
Thursday 09-Jul-20 All day Dickens Heath Production
Friday 10-Jul-20 All day Athletics Championships
Friday 10-Jul-20 7.30pm Sixth Form Summer Ball
Friday 10-Jul-20 12pm onwards Dickens Heath Production
Saturday 11-Jul-20
Sunday 12-Jul-20
Monday 13-Jul-20 Week 1
Monday 13-Jul-20 World Challenge – Until 17th July
Monday 13-Jul-20 Braids Assembly
Tuesday 14-Jul-20
Wednesday 15-Jul-20
Wednesday 15-Jul-20 Year 5 Feeder Day
Thursday 16-Jul-20
Friday 17-Jul-20 End of Term for Students – 2pm Finish
Saturday 18-Jul-20
Sunday 19-Jul-20
Monday 20-Jul-20 INSET DAY
Tuesday 21-Jul-20
Wednesday 22-Jul-20
Thursday 23-Jul-20
Friday 24-Jul-20
Saturday 25-Jul-20
Sunday 26-Jul-20
Monday 27-Jul-20
Tuesday 28-Jul-20
Wednesday 29-Jul-20
Thursday 30-Jul-20
Friday 31-Jul-20