Lettings Enquiries

Our premises are available for hire outside of school hours. We have a variety of modern flexible spaces for sports activities, performances, meetings and lectures.

Our site benefits from free parking and has good access to public transport and major road networks. 

Scroll down to view the facilities available for hire.

For more information or to book contact Steve Fieldhouse Site Manager – s201sfieldhouse@alderbrook.solihull.sch.uk

Malley Hall

Area: 250msq – Audience Capacity: 300 seated

The Malley Theatre is a traditional proscenium arch stage which is used for performances, conferences or lectures by guest speakers. It is the largest venue at Alderbrook and is the host to many successful and well-loved performances.

Located directly outside the Malley Theatre is a light refreshment area that serves drinks and/or snacks during rehearsals/performances.

The Blue Room

Area: 205msq

The Blue room is located within the William Sedgwick Sports Hall and can be used for Dance, Yoga, Fitness classes and drama. Changing rooms are available.

Dance Studio

Area: 180msq – Audience Capacity: 50

The Dance Studio is designed to be a fresh modern and exciting room for rehearsal or performance. With a mirrored wall and plenty of skylights, the Dance Studio is bright and an open space which is ideal for local dance companies to use. A small bar area is also available from which to serve refreshments.

Food Hall

The Food Hall, Kitchen and Canteen provides space for hot and cold meals and can seat over 100 people comfortably.

Cartwright Hall

Area: 144msq – Audience Capacity: 200 Cartwright Hall is a light informal hall with a raised dias. With plenty of room and seating facilities it is perfect for medium/large workshop/rehearsals with a refreshments area directly behind it.

Outside Spaces

4 x Outside Netball Courts

5 x Outside Tennis Courts

School playing fields

Please note that we do not hire out our playing fields for football or rugby, nor do we take on individual lettings such as birthday parties; all potential lettings must have public liability of £10M.


School Classrooms

School Classrooms are available to hire and range from 70msq to 50msq in size.

Gantry Theatre

144msq – Audience Capacity: 100

The Gantry Theatre can be used as either a flexible theatre, a performance workshop or a lecture/conference hall. It is fully equipped complete with stage lighting, sound reinforcement, projection facilities and has a staging “Q-Build”. The Gantry Theatre also has a raised level/walkway for the production team to work. A small bar area is also available from which to serve refreshments.

Cartwright Gym

Area: 280 msq- Cartwright Gym is a traditional wooden sprung floored gym, suitable for most indoor sports activities. Changing rooms are available.

Sports Hall

Area: 620msq

The William Sedgwick Sports Hall is a large modern indoor sports centre with a Linoleum type floor, most indoor sports activities are catered for including Football, Cricket, Netball, Basket Ball and Badminton. Changing rooms are available.