Leadership Team

Annette Scott

Chair of Governors

Tom Beveridge



Gemma Hobbs

Deputy Headteacher


Tim Stent

Deputy Headteacher

Emma Jones

Assistant Headteacher

(year 7)

Can Ogan

Assistant Headteacher

(year 8)

Ama Thandi

Assistant Headteacher

(year 9)

Tom Coggan

Assistant Headteacher

(year 10)

Michael Wade

Assistant Headteacher

(year 11)

Martin McLoughlin

Assistant Headteacher

(year 12 & 13)

Lucie Taylor

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Frankie Bryan

Head of Sixth Form

Kerry Thompson-Moore

SEN Co-ordinator

Esta Leawal

Careers Coordinator

Darcy Smith

6th Form Pastoral Manager

Bob Hall

Head of Year 12

Shinead Desjarlais

Head of Year 13

Kirstie Parker – Head of Year 7

Laura Usefnia – Head of Year 8

Katie Williamson – Head of Year 9

Richard Graham – Head of Year 10

Monica Choudhury – Head of Year 11

 Gary Walker – Yr 7 Pastoral Manager

Sally Wedgbury – Yr 8 Pastoral Manager

Jack Middleton – Yr 9 Pastoral Manager

Martin Stockman – Yr 10 Pastoral Manager

Jools Allen – Yr 11 Pastoral Manager