Year 6-7 Transition

We are delighted that you have accepted the place offered to your child at Alderbrook School for September 2020.  We look forward to working together with you and your child in a supportive partnership that will ensure your child has a successful and rewarding experience over the coming years. 



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A video from Alderbrook’s Special Needs Co-ordinator : Mrs Jo Wright


Question : Are there any groups, activities or clubs that I can take part in at the school ?

Question : How will my parents know how well I am doing ?

Question : Who will look after me when I start at Alderbrook ?

Question : How will I know what lessons I’ve got ?

Question : What do I do when I get lost ?

Question : When I come to Alderbrook, how many different teachers will I have ?

Question : How much homework will I get?

Question : What is the best thing about Alderbrook?

Question : Where do I need to go on my first day?

Question : What is the role of the Head of Year 7?

Question : How can you help yourself at Maths?

See you in September

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