We take attendance and punctuality very seriously.  Attendance to school is tracked and monitored and our Educational Welfare Officer works closely with our Attendance personnel to support parents/carers in facilitating their child’s regular attendance to school.

Every Lesson Matters

For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and that students are in school and on time every day the school is open. At Alderbrook School, we strive to provide each student with the highest standard of education and regular attendance is crucial if students are to reach their potential, be healthy, stay safe and achieve.

Why Regular Attendance is so important:

Learning and Achievement There is a clear link between high attendance and high achievement:

Personal Values At Alderbrook School we aim to develop the whole learner to provide them with every opportunity in the future. A high profile of attendance brings many rewards and develops:

  • Ambition and focus to set and pursue their own life goals.
  • High work ethic and integrity
  • Self-responsibility, independence and competency.
  • Commitment to themselves, others and the community

What is Good Attendance?

At Alderbrook School we expect all students to maintain at least 95% attendance, but strive to achieve above this!

• An attendance record of 90% might seem good but is equal to one day missed per fortnight. If this continues from Years 7 to 11, a total of six months of education will be lost.

• An attendance record of 80% might seem acceptable but is equal to one day missed per week. If this continues from Years 7 to 11, a total of one year of education will be lost.

Attendance During One School Year Equates to Days Absent Number of weeks absent approximately Number of lessons missed
95% 9 Days 2 Weeks 45 Lessons
90% 19 Days 4 Weeks 95 Lessons
85% 29 Days 6 Weeks 145 Lessons
80% 38 Days 8 Weeks 190 Lessons
75% 48 Days 10 Weeks 240 Lessons
70% 57 Days 11.5 Weeks 285 Lessons
65% 67 Days 13.5 Weeks 335 Lessons

Alderbrook School Attendance Triangle:

At Alderbrook School, parents inform the school of their child’s absence on the first day and each subsequent day of absence and provide their child with a note explaining the absence upon their return to school. To report an absence please phone the school on :

0121 704 2146, followed by option 1, then option 2.

Or email:

In turn the school will inform parents of a student’s absence via text as soon as possible, monitor student absence levels, keep parents informed of student attendance levels and reward where appropriate excellent attendance.

We work closely with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and we are also supported by an Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). There may be occasions where the school have to inform Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Educational Welfare Service regarding a student’s absence, who instigate any legal proceeding, in this instance parents will be kept informed where possible.

If there is an issue – please contact the school Attendance Administrator, Mrs Qureshi on the number above, or leave her a message, she will ensure your message is directed to the correct personnel in school.


Poor punctuality is not acceptable, to school or to lessons.

If your child misses the start of the lessons they will miss work, vital information and any news for the day. Late arrival students are disruptive to the learning and entering a lesson late may be embarrassing for the student, encouraging further absence.

How we manage lateness:

At Alderbrook lessons start at 8:30 am.

Students are expected to arrive at school by 8:20 am and make their way to their first lesson.

Students arriving after 8:30 am must report and sign in at the Pupil Reception Office. Failure to do so may result in an unauthorised absence. All students who are late (except in extenuating circumstances) will be placed in a break time detention that same day.

If your child is persistently late you may be asked to meet with your child’s Head of Year, Attendance Co-ordinator and/or the EWO to resolve the problem.

Minutes Late Per Day Equates to days of teaching lost in one year Number of lessons missed.
5 minutes 3.5 Days 17 Lessons
10 minutes 7 days 35 Lessons
15 minutes 10.5 Days 52 Lessons
20 minutes 14 Days 70 Lessons
30 minutes 21 Days 104 Lessons

You can however also approach us at any time if you are having problems getting your child to school on time.

We are grateful for your continued support, allowing us to fully support your child in achieving their maximum potential.

Every Lesson Matters.