Wednesday 7th September

Welcome to Year 9 or Year 10.

Your first day of school is Thursday 8th September. On Wednesday 7th September, you are asked to complete a number of tasks in English, Maths and Science in order that you can start the term in the right frame of mind.


Year 9 – Frankenstein

Please click on the button below.

Read through the booklet and start on some of the activities.

Year 10 – Jekyll & Hyde

Please click on the button below.

Please read it through prior to starting school on Thursday. The most important aspects for you to read are the chapter summaries from pages 5-17. 

Some of you may wish to complete the whole activity booklet, however. Please bring in your own Jekyll & Hyde reading books, that you obtained during year 9, so that we can begin learning straight away.


In order to get you used to exam questions we would like you to have a go at mini mock exam paper. There are 2 levels, Foundation and Higher, both are to be attempted without a calculator. They will also help get your Maths brain ticking again. If you try the Foundation and it’s too easy you can always try the Higher and if you start on the Higher but can’t answer any of the first few questions consider switching to Foundation. The choice is yours.


Task 1

Watch the three videos below :

Task 2

Please complete the ‘multiple choice’ quiz, then try each of the tabs towards the top of the page : 

  • Drag and drop
  • Quiz
  • Sentences
  • Fill in blanks
  • Challenge