Celebration Newsletter

A summer newsletter would usually be an opportunity to celebrate the wide-ranging achievements of our students in the classroom and across the school in recent months; this year is different. In this incredibly difficult time for the whole country it may sound glib to talk of celebration.

Nevertheless I do feel we have much to celebrate: First and foremost we need to celebrate the resilience and commitment of all students, who have conducted themselves admirably during this period of remote schooling; the skills and independence that students have developed will undoubtedly stand them in good stead for the challenges that life will throw at them. Well done all!

We need to especially celebrate the achievements of our Year 11s and 13s, who have been stripped of a right of passage in living out their final school days at Alderbrook. We look forward to welcoming some Year 11s back in Year 12, but we must take this opportunity to celebrate their numerous achievements in their time at Alderbrook – thank you for everything you have given to the school.

We must also take this opportunity to celebrate and give a special mention to the staff at Alderbrook, who have balanced their own family lives with providing work and support for our students. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with our staff. I wish those staff that are moving on at the end of this school year all the very best for the future and thank them for everything they have done for the school.

I am very excited to welcome all students back in September and I look forward to getting to know many more members of our school community. I wish you all a very happy summer.

Mr Beveridge

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