Instructions for Self-Isolating Students

Logging onto TEAMS

This video demonstrates how to access teams and how to download office 365 at home using your email address which was provided by the school.

Files on TEAMS

This video shows how to use channels to access files. As well as demonstrating how to use the announcement page to keep a track of your homeworks.

Assignments on TEAMS

When working from home you should be uploading work to TEAMS, through ‘assignments’. This video demonstrates how to use TEAMS to upload your work, what to do if you upload the wrong work and how to read through teachers’ feedback.

Live Lessons on TEAMS

When teachers are delivering a live lesson, TEAMS allows you to ‘virtually’ be in that lesson. This video will show you how to join in a live class and then how to use the features in TEAMS to support your learning whilst you are learning from home.

A Guide to Working from Home

This video is just over 13 minutes long and describes the different software packages that we will be using to make sure that you are up to date with your school work even when or if you find yourself at home. Please watch carefully and make a note of any of the instructions that you think that you might need.