UNIQUELY PORTABLE MAGIC is our whole school reading initiative. Every students’ form tutor reads to their form group 3 times each week.
The commitment that we expect from students is simply to listen and to enjoy. No students are asked to read aloud themselves, nor are they left to read in silence.
Form tutors use a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to improve vocabulary, literacy and listening skills. The simplicity and inclusivity of this structured programme of reading is enjoyable for all.
The school has worked with both internal and external experts to invest significantly in a wide range of engaging and diverse texts which, whilst age appropriate, may also include challenging themes and language.
It is hugely important that we do not shy away from aspects of the world that our students are growing up in and openly discussing difficult topics helps us to contextualise what the students are exposed to via the media.
Our teaching staff, leadership team, parents and Governing Body are hugely positive about supporting and continuing to invest in this new initiative. 
The students in one of our year 9 forms were so enthused by the book that they were reading – The Island, by author CL Taylor – that they contacted her via social media, under supervision of their form tutor Mrs Oliver.
We were delighted that Ms Taylor offered to come into school to meet with, and read to, her new fans and discuss not only this particular novel, but also her career as a writer.
This, we hope, will be the first of many guest visits and goes some way to proving the value and importance of reading, not only academically, but also for pleasure!