Warhammer Club

This is a club that covers Warhammer Age of Sigmar & Warhammer 40K looking at all aspects of the hobby:  scenery building, figure painting, game playing, and the literature that re-enforces these games.

This is a club that will ignite your imagination, playing across the year groups, as well as giving you skills in a hobby that you can carry on after school and for many years to come.

When we are established, we hope to play other school clubs as well as the possibility of going to ‘Warhammer World’, but these are future developments if enough students are interested.

It is open to new gamers who have never played and to those who are experienced and may have already got painted armies, so if you are interested look out for information in class bulletins or see Mr. Blackband in OC15/16


Warhammer 40K

In the Dark distant future ‘THERE IS ONLY WAR!’

Play as Loyal Space Marines, Imperial troops or Squats defending the realms of humanity across the universe, OR Traitor Chaos Space Marines with their Demon Allies trying to topple or control humanity, OR Lead one of the many other Xenos races we share the Universe with for Dominance of space like the Orks, Necrons, Eldar, T’au Empire OR even the most Alien Tyrant


Age of Sigmar

After the destruction of the ‘Old World’ by the incursion of Chaos a new order has risen from the ashes, Fight for Order and lead Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, and Lizardmen to protect the new world OR control the armies of Destruction who only live for the fight and have Orcs and Ogres OR send the Undead of the Tomb Kings from the south or the Vampire counts of the Dark and Twisted Forests and Mountains of the lost world, OR try to quash the new order with the Deamon and Beastmen armies as before.

Warhammer Club has been supported by Games Workshop and their Warhammer shop in Solihull in providing figures, paints, brushes, and other modelling equipment, as well as literature (thanks especially to their manager Ryan, who hopes to additionally help develop the hobby after school).