Performance at Alderbrook

2016 GCSE Results


2016 Headline figures reporting new measures shows Alderbrook has performed very well indeed. 


The Progress 8 score of 0.33 was returned placing us second highest against all comprehensive secondary schools in Solihull.  Nationally Progress 8 is -0.03.  (Progress 8 is the score of the best 8 selected subjects compared against the performance of students nationally from the same starting point).  A progress 8 score of 0.33 means that our students would be expected to get C+ on average, however on average they achieved B- grades which is 0.33 of a grade higher than expected.


The new Basic L2 in English and Maths remained high and stable at 81%, this means that 81% of our year 11 students gained at least C grades in both English and maths.  Nationally only 63% achieve this.


The old gold standard of 5A*-C including English and Maths remains high and increasing at 77%, Nationally this is 54%.  The number of students achieving the Ebacc increased again this year.


The average KS2 entry level of this cohort was 4a and outcomes in 2016 give us an overall value added score of 1028, (where 1000 is the national norm, and anything above this shows extra value being added to expected outcomes). 



Alderbrook congratulates the class of 2016 on these excellent results.


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