Performance at Alderbrook

2017 GCSE Results


2017 Headline figures reporting new measures shows Alderbrook has performed very well again. 


A strong positive Progress 8 score of 0.15 was achieved, nationally Progress 8 is -0.03.  (Progress 8 is the score of the best 8 selected subjects compared against the performance of students nationally from the same starting point).  The average starting point was KS2 level 4a.


The new Basic L2 in English and Maths remained high and stable 73% of students gaining standard passes or better in these subjects, compared to the national value of 63%. At Alderbrook 71% of students gained the old gold standard of 5A*-C GCSE passes including English and Maths.  

The percentage of students achieving the Ebacc which is a rigorous suite of subjects was 32% compared to the national figure of 24%, and Achieving the EBacc with "strong" passes (grade 5s or above) was 30% against a national value of 20%.


Alderbrook congratulates the class of 2017 on these excellent results.


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