EPQ A Level

Exam Board: AQA

Why choose an EPQ?

EPQ provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare them for university and / or a future career.

It can be used to earn extra UCAS points and can be taken as a stand-alone qualification.

What will you study?

·         Students will progress on a self-directed project – taking responsibility for the choice, design and completion of an individual project (or an individual role in a group project).

·         Students are free to explore anything they are interested in.

·         Students develop and improve their own learning as a critical and independent learner.

·         Students develop and apply decision making and problem solving.

·         Extend skills in time management, planning, research, critical thinking, evaluation and presentation.

·         Develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise.

 Four types of Project to choose from:

·          A dissertation.

·         An artefact e.g. sculpture, model or DVD.

·         Develop and showcase a performance e.g. sport, drama or music.

·         Conduct an investigation / field study


“Opportunities like the EPQ stretch and challenge my academic ability.

Deputy Head Girl, 2016-2017″